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David Burnette Arrest

On June 11, 2021; Sharp County Detectives' received a complaint regarding David Burnette, 51, being sexually indecent with a coworker's child on multiple occasions.

Per a request from the Sharp County Sheriff's Department, the Child Advocacy Center of Batesville conducted a forensic interview with the child, a female under the age of 10.

During the interview, the child told the forensic interviewer a male by the name of David had made inappropriate comments to her and had made physical advances. Burnette had attempted to pull the child's shirt up more than once and commented on her physical appearance and private area. He also told the child he would like to see her in a bathing suit.

Despite his efforts, the child did not comply with his requests or advances toward her. He also told the child he wished "the two of them could get married," the report said. Burnette also made attempts to make the child touch him with one occasion being a time he requested the child to "fish his keys" out of his front pocket.

A parallel investigation was conducted regarding Mr. Burnette. Search warrants were obtained for Mr. Burnette's personal phone, and work phone. During the course of the searches, 11 nude pictures of young/under aged girls were located on both phones. There were approximately 230 other images of young/under aged girls in bathing suits, and skimpy clothes located on the phones. 

Probable Cause Affidavits were filed with the following charges: Sexual Indecency with a Child, Class D Felony, and 11 Counts of Pandering or Possessing Visual of Print Medium Depicting Sexually Explicit Conduct Involving a Child, Class C Felony.

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